All Natural Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL



We are a team of experienced maids, providing exceptional cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in business, office, and housekeeping services. If you are looking for a reliable cleaning service for your home or affordable janitorial service for your business – you have come to right place!

As a highlight of our service, Perfect Maid uses all natural cleaning supplies and solutions for all of our clientele. In today’s modern world, many harmful chemicals have entered our daily life, especially as cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, many don’t realize the effects that such chemicals might have on their own health and health of their loved ones. Perfect Maid House Cleaning of Jacksonville Florida carefully picks the best, all-natural cleaning supplies that don’t contain any harmful chemistry and utilize cleaning techniques that produce almost no waste. We understand the value of health for ourselves and our customers, and we do our best to provide the most green cleaning choice available in the Jacksonville area.

Here at Perfect Maid we’re very detail oriented, and pet friendly! We are very thorough, trustworthy, and dependable and will be glad to provide references upon request. We offer repeating cleaning services on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can also provide one-time or occasional cleaning jobs as well. You can always count on your cleaning needs being met on each and every visit. We’re available even on or after holidays, upon your request.

Feel free to browse our site, learn more about us and our services. We’ll be glad to give you a free estimate over the phone, our 24/7 chat service, or e-mail. We also invite you to check out our Blog, where we provide tips and tricks on cleaner space! You may also want find out what other customers have to say about our maid service on our Impressions page. Overall, we’re so delighted that you’ve come our site and are looking forward to helping you with your cleaning needs!